What is the GlobeIn Referral Program?



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    Adrienne Skandera

    Is the Referral Program capped?  I posted a link to a group I am a member of, and within an hour, my account showed 10 friends signing up.  It hasn't moved since, even though the post still seems quite active.  Is the program capped at 10 referrals?

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    Hi Adrienne,

    I am very sorry about this but there was a technical glitch in our system which we just caught. 

    If you go back to your account now it will reflect the correct number of people that have purchased through your link. The referral program is definitely not capped to 10 referrals. You will be rewarded a free box for every 2 people you refer even if you refer 20 or 100 of them :)

    Again I apologize about this!

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    - Liza


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